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Basic Umpire Course – Registration

Job No: SANFL42
Location: Adelaide, SA


From the outside looking in, there would appear to have been a great deal of change for the SANFL but the truth is, the SANFL has been constantly evolving throughout our 140 year history.

We’re committed to changing our game for the better.  We’ve developed junior football and women’s football and we’re dedicated to multicultural/indigenous development.  We’re shaping the future, widening the breadth and depth of what we do, from the grassroots up

We’ve done this, because we love footy.




SANFL’s Umpiring Department is responsible for the promotion, development and recruitment of umpiring in South Australia.

SANFL is focused on attracting more umpires through initiatives that appeal to youngsters in the sport and those wanting to learn what it takes to be a great umpire.

Each weekend, more than 130 field, boundary and goal umpires officiate SANFL matches – from the Under 16 competitions through to the SANFL League competition, with another 180 umpires officiating in the SANFL Juniors Competition each round.

SANFL runs a Basic Umpires Course with over 500 future umpires taken through the principles of umpiring each year.

Every aspiring umpire will start off in their local junior league with more than 150 football matches officiated by SANFL managed Umpires across metropolitan Adelaide each week.

There are currently more than 1800 umpires registered with the SANFL Umpiring Department and 17 South Australian Umpires part of the AFL Umpires Squad, who all started in the SANFL Umpiring system.


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